Brie Larson confirmed as Captain Marvel


Rumors had been swirling to the point of confirmation that Brie Larson would be taking on the role of Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, but last night at Comic Con Marvel finally confirmed it. It’s a pretty spot on choice as Danvers character definitely has similarities to Larson and even if she didn’t Larson is one hell of an actor. 

Oddly enough Larson will most likely first appear in Avengers: Infinity War as the character and then in a Captain Marvel stand alone after that. It will be interesting to see how Marvel handles a major character coming in like that. It’s certainly hurt the Hulk when they tried to shove his character development into the second Avengers film.

Now that Marvel has its first female lead character cast they’ll probably want to actually get a screenplay written and find a director. Neither of those things have happened yet, but that doesn’t mean the Larson isn’t rearing to go…

Matthew Razak
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