Britney Spears “in” Jackass 3D, not scared of poo poo


Jackass 3D star Johnny Knoxville was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. Apparently, he brought a gift with him: a clip of Britney Spears in a variation of the tried-and-true Jackass stunt, the “Poo Cocktail.” The stunt involved Britney Spears strapping into a port-a-potty as it’s slingshot into the air, causing all types of poo poo and/or pee pee to cover the performer.

Purportedly, the scene was shot during the normal Jackass 3D filming schedule, but you can tell this video’s been recorded recently as a promotional tool for Spears’ upcoming album. Furthermore, there is no sign of poo poo or pee pee on the singer, unless Smurfs decided to use the bathroom prior to the stunt.

Regardless, let’s all sit back and laugh at bathroom jokes like we’re 13 again. Get it? Because Britney Spears was hot when we were 13? Ah… memories.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]