Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s cancellation lasted a whole 24 hours


In a matter of a day, Fox axed one of its best comedies only to have a competitor swoop in faster than a Peralta quip about the title of Amy’s next sex tape (I promise that link is safe to click on). Once news of the cancellation broke, many fans called for–and assumed–it was a non-decision for Hulu or Netflix to carry the torch of Brooklyn’s finest, but they surprisingly passed and cleared the way for NBC to jump on the opportunity. It’s not often a competing network’s award-winning show just falls out of the sky. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine spent five seasons with Fox, and while the cancellation came as a surprise to literally everyone, the show will now get a sixth season. Fox’s reasons for ending the popular series aren’t clear, other than the fact they have new shows they want to insert into their lineup. It seems a bit strange to get rid of one notably popular show to take the chance on something new. There’s been no reports or rumors of animosity or contract restructuring issues between cast and company, so it simply appears that Fox just decided to move on. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Is Picked Up by NBC, and Fans Rejoice [NY Times]

Nick Hershey