Bruce Campbell will be in Oz: The Great and Powerful


Any Bruce Campbell sighting is good news in my book, but when a Bruce Campbell sighting is yanked away from us it’s very, very sad news. Such was the case a while back when Campbell tweeted that his part in the upcoming Sam Raimi film Oz: The Great and Powerful had been cut before it was even shot. There was much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair around here after that, but no more! Campbell has reversed his tune and says that he’s already finished shooting his “pivotal” cameo in the film.

The scene that I shot was a page [of the script] and it took all day. It was great to see the scope of Oz and to see the detail, and the craftsmanship and the professionalism and the incredible stuff that they’re doing visually in every other way.

I play a pivotal role. It involves me and Oz – that’s James Franco – and let’s just say that we have a confrontation. It was a very fun role to do actually.

Obviously he was being sarcastic about the role being that pivotal, but since every other Campbell cameo in a Raimi film has been awesome this will no doubt be awesome too.

[The Shiznit, via /Film]

Matthew Razak
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