Bruce Willis leaves next Woody Allen film… a day into shooting


So here’s some movie making strangeness. Bruce Willis was set to help headline Woody Allens next film (no name yet). He was one of the first announced and showed up on set yesterday to start filming with Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. He was in costume, did some filming and then, a few hours later, announced that scheduling conflicts with his stage play Misery meant he couldn’t be involved in the film.

That seems kind of odd. Wouldn’t you know about scheduling conflicts a bit before the first day of shooting? Why would you actually start shooting some scenes for one day and then suddenly go, “Oh shit, I just remembered this play I’m doing.” Clearly that’s not actually what happened.

What actually did happen is anyone’s guess… so I’m going to take some. He and Allen didn’t get along is the first one. Willis is pretty curmudgeonly in his old age, and maybe paired with Allen’s neurosis the two just clashed. The other possibility is that Allen, who has recast plenty of movies (like Michael Keaton in The Purple Rose of Cairo) after shooting has already started just felt that Willis wasn’t working out. We’ll probably never get the truth, but what we will get is another actor in Willis’s role as Allen is recasting now. 

[via Collider]

Matthew Razak
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