Bruce Willis takes aim for Five Against A Bullet


Whilst it would be genuinely amazing for Five Against A Bullet to be a blood-drenched reinterpretation of Enid Blyton’s famous creation, The Famous Five, it turns out to actually be an action thriller about a group of bodyguards who are hired to protect a Mexican presidential candidate from assassination by a drugs cartel during a particularly ‘contentious’ (read: violent) election campaign.

The script will be written by Alex Litvak of The Three Musketeers and star Bruce Willis, who already has the highly anticipated Looper on the way, along with the Chuck Norris-ruined Expendables 2, the G.I. Joe sequel and not-at-all anticipated fifth entry in the Die Hard saga. Five Against A Bullet sounds like it could be fun, although as cited, Willis certainly has enough action movies in the works right now. Hopefully we won’t all be sick of the sight of him by the time this rolls around.

[via Hollywood Reporter]