Bruckheimer: Future ‘Pirates’ movies will be standalone


So we’re all mostly hyped for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. I’m hoping the promise of a Pirates movie sans Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly will be exactly what I hope for: awesome. It looks like producer Jerry Bruckheimer has heard those calls and is planning to stick to them for the future. In an interview with USA Today, he makes a lot of noise about how amazing the 3D technology and such is, along with your usual, “Man, my movie is awesome!,” stuff, but what really intrigued me is his statement about the test screenings:

[T]he audience told us what they loved about it is that it was fresh, it was new, it was a whole new story…So that will carry over into the next one, too, to give it something fresh and different. As long as the audience embraces this one, we’ll certainly try to make another one. It’s really up to Johnny [Depp]. He loves the character.

In essence, future installments of the series, while still featuring the exceptionally bankable Captain Jack Sparrow, will be standalone stories, tied together through Jack Sparrow, probably with cameos from some of the usual background suspects of the series. That’s awesome. I always thought that this series would work best as a platform to tell some kickass pirate stories. I’m hopeful for On Stranger Tides, and this just makes me more hopeful for the franchise’s future.

[Via USA Today]