Bruckheimer producing Beverly Hi… BAD BOYS 3!?


In some kind of boring news Variety is reporting that Jerry Bruckheimer will be returning to the Beverly Hills Cop franchise that got new legs earlier this year. The mega-blockbuster producer actually produced the first two films in the series so his return might mean that this long talked about sequel might not suck. Sorry, but I’m just not that excited for it. Murphy has jumped the shark too many times and there is probably a reason the TV pilot didn’t get off the ground.

But that really isn’t important as Variety totally buried the more important bit of info:  “Bruckheimer is helping to develop the script for Bad Boys 3.” I realize that much of what I said about Beverly Hills Cop actually applies to Bad Boys as well, but we haven’t heard word one on a new Bad Boys for years and now suddenly Bruckheimer is working on a script. No matter how stupid those movies get they’re just damn awesome for action, and Martin Lawerence needs the work.

[Variety, via Collider]

Matthew Razak
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