Bruckheimer says that Pirates 6 is still possible


You thought it was over, didn’t you? With Johnny Depp becoming the scummiest of scums, and his star on the wane, and a “disappointing” box office of only $792 million for the latest entry, it seemed pretty clear that the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise would be mercifully led off the plank… or whatever other stupid pirate metaphor you want to hear. However, Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of extraordinaire, isn’t quite calling it quits. Because he’s an asshole or something.

In an interview with Yahoo Movies the producer defended the poor box office as saying it did really well in a down year (which it is) and that the strong dollar made overseas box offices much smaller. Of course half of that is BS because it still performed terribly in the US even for a down year, but the point is he then went on to curse us all by saying this:

“Well, I hope we can continue to make it, but you know we’ve been having so much fun just promoting this one right now that we’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully it’s very successful on DVD as the other ones have been. Then hopefully we’ll sit down and see where we go.”

Obviously that’s not a confirmation, but considering Salazar’s Revenge, AKA Dead Men Tell No Tales, was basically Disney setting up the franchise for a new generation it seems pretty obvious they want more. I was hoping that the box office had shown them that we’d had enough of the overplayed franchise, but alas, it seems they have yet to learn. 

Matthew Razak
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