Bryan Cranston cast as Zordon for the Power Rangers reboot


About a month back I wrote a long editorial about Saban and Lionsgate’s upcoming Power Rangers reboot. Until I had seen the costumes, I was pretty much all in for the film. It was making good moves otherwise. The team is comprised of relatively unknown, young actors, Elizabeth Banks looks pretty great as the new Rita Repulsa (though she is no longer as “repulsive” as the name implies), and now the film has manged to nab a big hitter. 

Bryan Cranston (who voiced a couple of monsters in the series after one of the Mighty Morphin‘ showrunners named the character, Billy Cranston, in his honor) confirmed through Twitter that he was cast as Zordon, the leader of the team of rangers. For those unfamiliar, in the program Zordon was a giant floating wizard head in a tube that dealt life advice. But considering Cranston’s star power, I’m sure his version of Zordon will share more with the first movie’s portrayal (as a guy outside of a tube with hilarious make-up). 

Seeing such a big talent in such an important role does give some credibility to the overall production. I’ll remain cautiously optimistic until we get the first footage. 

Power Rangers morphs into theaters March 27th, 2017. 

[via Twitter]