Bryan Cranston recruited for World War Z


World War Z just got a bit more exciting with the news that Bryan Cranston is attached to what is being described as a ‘small but flashy’ role in the Marc Forster-directed zombie movie. Never mind Brad Pitt – even if it is only a glorified cameo (the nature of the part is as yet unknown), anyone who has been watching Cranston rip up the small screen for the past few years as tormented meth cook Walter White in Breaking Bad will know what a formidable screen presence he is. Cranston’s cinematic career has really been taking off lately, with upcoming roles in the Total Recall remake, John Carter, the Ben Affleck directed Argo, Rock of Ages, Red Tails, Drive and Contagion. Remember the days when we only knew him as deranged dad Hal from Malcolm In The Middle?

As for World War Z, it’s an apocalyptic zombie horror film based on a series of novels by Max Brooks whose central gimmick is that the story is an oral retelling of a war between humans and zombies that changed the balance of power across the planet. It moves between the perspectives of several characters from many different countries and is heavy with social themes about governmental hubris and the danger of irrational fear. It’ll be a challenging property to adapt, but star Brad Pitt has a history of choosing interesting projects and director Forster is a solid choice for character work, with his work on Quantum of Solace (despite the divided reception) giving him vital experience on a big budget project.

The movie is scheduled for release sometime in 2012.

[via Collider]