Bryan Cranston to star in Get A Job


Bryan Cranston is one of those people who can pull off drama as well as comedy incredibly well, as evidenced by AMC’s Breaking Bad. *Canned applause* Well, all you Cranston addicts can get your fix in the upcoming film, Get A Job, in which Cranston will be starring alongside Anna Kendrick, Project X‘s Miles Teller, Alison Brie, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Brandon T. Jackson, and Jay Pharoah. Directing the film will be Dylan Kidd, who directed a then budding Jessie Eisenberg in Roger Dodger as a fledgling pick-up artist. The film had its merits, but was far from what I would call a “gut-buster.” He also directs Children’s Hospital. Yeah, I don’t watch it. Anyway, Get A Job has been described as:

[…] a multi-generational comedy about four recent college graduates who discover that their lofty expectations and the realities of adulthood don’t match up. Teller plays Will Davis, who finds his true calling after grinding through an entry level position, while Kendrick will play Will’s cheerful but by-the-book girlfriend. Cranston plays Will’s father, who is also on the hunt for work, and Pharoah plays someone named Skeezy D who has found a recession-proof job. Mintz-Plasse and Jackson are joined by Nick Braun to round out the cast as Will’s friends, and Brie plays one of the group’s co-workers.

I’m wondering to myself when we’ll stop getting films centering around the recession, which ultimately dates the film and makes it the opposite of timeless. So, it has a lot of time. 2011’s The Company Men was a drama about the recession and how a few men were put out of a job due to buyouts and all that junk. It was a fairly underrated film and definitely heartfelt. From the looks of things, Get A Job will take a decidedly more comedic route to the depressing subject, instilling jokes in the script and butts in the seats. I just hope that Dylan Kidd can do justice to the concept, because it’s not a very funny concept right now, is it? I mean, nobody was making Holocaust jokes when it was happening, were they?

[Via FirstShowing]