Butt Boy trailer has me pooping myself with anticipation


Butt Boy (2020) Official Trailer

Sometimes you hear about a movie so riveting, so high concept, so beyond reality that it knocks the air out of you. The thought of seeing it on a screen makes you salivate. You feel like the movie is a dream of your own come to life. You learn that someone you never met in some part of the world you’ve never seen has made a film that vibrates on the same frequency as your very soul, and suddenly you don’t feel so alone in the world. Butt Boy is that movie for me.

Now, a trailer marks its steady movement toward a full release, and I’m honestly giddy as a child. I love movies. I love movies so much.

Butt Boy is a film about a sober detective who comes to suspect that his sponsor is sticking objects, animals, and people up his butt and digesting them like some bizarro serial killer. It’s an idea that sounds so insane on its face that you can’t possibly look away. Better yet, it also appears to be of a shockingly high quality with tight framing, moody lighting, and invested performances all around.

I can’t wait, but I must. I just have to remind myself to breathe right up to the point that Butt Boy floats to theaters on April 3, 2020 before being dumped onto VOD on April 14.

Kyle Yadlosky
Kyle Yadlosky only cares about trash. The trippy, bizarre, DIY, and low-budget are his home. He sleeps in dumpsters and eats tinfoil. He also writes horror fiction sometimes.