Buy a $55,000 Light Cycle from Tron: Legacy


Do people still care about this movie? I guess so. I mean, they are planning a sequel, supposedly, right? Though, not for a few years off, probably. Well, if you were that enamored with the admittedly cool and cyberpunk-flavored light cycles from Tron: Legacy, you can, like, totally buy your own now. Except it’ll cost $55,000… but I know you’re good for it. You can drive it off the lot, take it cruising around the Caribbean. I’ll just sit here holding… Well, enough of that.

The replica is modeled by a one Hammacher Schlemmer. Yeah. You can just tell he was that geek everyone picked on in high school. Now he’s making Tron light cycles. And what? The bike itself is fitted with a Suzuki 996cc, 4-stroke engine and electroluminescent strips built into the tire cowlings, wheel rims, and body of the bike to give it that Tron glow. Whatever all that means. I went to school for graphic design, I don’t know these terms. Gimme a break, man… GAHHH. I’m gonna make a light cycle 3D model now. And after modeling that pterodactyl for the awards thingy, you know I can do it.

[Via Hammacher, Via Collider]