Buzzed Bill Murray presents the Moonrise Kingdom set


Last week we shared four behind-the-scenes videos of Moonrise Kingdom hosted by Bob Balaban (or his plush counterpart). The videos gave you a taste of the characters in the film as well as what the fictional land of New Penzance Island has to offer. Today, we have a mini-tour of the Moonrise Kingdom set, and your tour guide is Bill Murray. And he’s been drinking.

His drink of choice: Sailor Jerry. I was at a friend’s birthday BBQ the other week, and apart from lots of Brooklyn Summer Ale and some Miller High-Life (in a patriotic can), there was a little Sailor Jerry as well. Captain Morgan is for scurvied COs and their landlubber children, while Sailor Jerry is for the good and hearty folk what be on the decks and spit brine into their leathern hands.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

Hubert Vigilla
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