Cabin in the Woods director Drew Goddard turned down 3D


We’ve been ranting and raving (well, just Alex so far) about Cabin in the Woods. According to Alex it’s the best horror film in years and everyone must see it. But why isn’t it the best horror film in years that everyone must see in 3D. Director/cowriter Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon tackled that question and the answer is pretty basic: they didn’t want it that way.

At a SXSW interview yesterday, Goddard said, “I didn’t shoot it in 3D. I didn’t want it in 3D.”

Goddard and Whedon shot the film in 2009, but had it shelved for nearly three years after facing problems with distribution. During that time, certain Hollywood trends came about. None bigger than 3D post-production that followed the box office success of James Cameron’s Avatar.

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“There was just this period in Hollywood where everyone wanted 3D. I don’t think they understood what 3D was,” Goddard said. “They just saw Avatar made a lot of money and assumed it was because it was in 3D.”

With audiences complaining about poor 3D (see: Thor), Whedon and Goddard made the right choice in not pursuing a gimmick that would only muddy an already dimly lit film.

“On a lot of films they said, ‘Can we make this 3D? Well, let’s just make it 3D!'” Goddard said. “Luckily, we were able to weather that storm and cooler heads prevailed.

“We decided to bankrupt MGM and lay low for a while,” Whedon replied swiftly with a smirk.

“Sorry about delaying The Hobbit!