CalArts students make asTRONishing Disney character skins


You don’t have to be a Playboy Playmate to get in on some Tron dress-up fun. Character Animation students at CalArts re-imagined various Disney characters in the same futuristic style found in Tron recently. Some of the iconic characters include Wall-E, Stitch, and Mulan. I’ve added two of my personal favorites in the gallery, but you really owe it to yourselves and the students to check out their Facebook for the rest.

I love seeing fanart of Disney characters, as do a few of us here at Flixist. What do you think? Do you think the Tron skins look cool, or are they lazy attempts at capitalizing on the Tron: Legacy hype machine that’s been spreading surrounding its release?

[via CalArts Character AnimaTRON meme]