Called it! Tarantino’s Western is ‘Django Unchained’


In the March edition of Cult Club, I said with regards to rumours of Quentin Tarantino directing a Western that “if the words ‘Western’ and ‘Franco Nero’ are brought up in the same breath by a rabid cinephile, one film can’t be far away. Django.”

On. The. Goddamn. Money.

Tarantino’s Western has been officially named as Django Unchained, which should be news to send every horse opera geek into paroxysms of joy. Sergio Corbucci’s 1966 film is arguably the greatest non-Leone spaghetti western, even though the name was run into the mud by countless abysmal ‘sequels’ with no relation to its originator. The idea that Tarantino should be bringing back the character with star Franco Nero (who did return to the role once before, but for the woeful Django Rides Again) is too exciting for words. The prospect of an older, battle-scarred Django alone has enormous potential both artistically and for a bloody fine action film. Should you not already know your Django, read the film’s Cult Club entry, then get out and buy the DVD, pronto! If you aren’t frothing with excitement afterwards, you should retire from movies and the internet.

[via The Quentin Tarantino Archives and Motion Captured]