Cameron Crowe’s ‘Zoo’ being scored by Sigur Ros frontman


Director Cameron Crowe’s been pretty quiet lately and I’ve been impatient for his next, mostly because Vanilla Sky was unfairly abused by film critics and I worried he might be hesitant. When I think back to Vanilla Sky, and why I appreciate it, the first thing that comes to mind is an amazing soundtrack. Years would pass before I’d really become familar with the Icelandic band Sigur Ros, without knowing that three of their pieces had been used in that film.

So it was nice to learn this morning that frontman Jonsi may be scoring Crowe’s next, We Bought a Zoo, a film due out late this year depicting a father (Matt Damon) trying to fulfill his late wife’s request to move their family to an animal sanctuary.

The announcement comes second hand from a critic that spoke with the director, but as worded it states that Jonsi will indeed by “scoring” the film rather than licensing his music for use. After Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers put out some of their best work this year in doing the same, with Tron and Hanna, I very much hope that turns out to be the case.

For those unfamiliar with the vocals of Jonsi, I’ll remind you of the trailer that might’ve sold you on Dead Space before that game was released. It immediately emptied my pockets of sixty U.S. dollars, and can be viewed after the jump.

[Via The Playlist]