Campaign ad for Brad Bird for Star Wars VII director


So anybody tired of all this Star Wars speculation yet? No? Glad to hear it! Well, in the spirit of both the political season and Disney’s recent acquisition of Lucas Arts and all of the rumors that have followed, we’ve been gifted with something a little different. A very serious Brad Bird fan has decided that instead of relying on rumor and speculation he would instead create an ad campaigning on behalf of the big Bird for the director’s chair of the recently announced Star Wars VII. That’s quite a fan, if you ask me.

Famous for directing The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and the more recent Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, the video’s logic is pretty sound. The man has never really made a bad film, and he does rock a pretty serious scarf. Honestly, I’m all for fan’s petitioning on behalf of their favorite directors, especially when the result is this well crafted. Hell, maybe Romney should have hired this guy to handle the PR for his campaign (political burn!).   

[io9 via First Showing]