Campbell says Army of Darkness 2 isn’t happening… yet


Just last week Fede Alvarez came out and said that he and Sam Raimi were working so hard on Army of Darkness 2 that they didn’t even have time to start work on Evil Dead 2. Also, Bruce Campbell has been yacking a bit about it as well. Of course this once again got everyone talking about Army of Darkness 2 and so Bruce Campbell was asked about it to which he replied that his yacking was just that and it really isn’t in the works at the moment at all. Then my heart broke into a million pieces.

On top of this he kind of reaffirms the fears of the Evil Dead reboots sequel getting of the ground that were swirling. Campbell is wishy washy on the subject thanks to Alvarez having moved on to a ton of other projects. There’s a lot of contradiction going on here since, as we mentioned above, Alvarez said they’re working on the movie. I’m not sure why the word on these films is so confusing, but the lesson learned is that Campbell is a loud mouth and rumors are just that.

[via Shock Till You Drop]

Matthew Razak
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