Can Stan Lee’s Zodiac make it to theaters?


While Stan Lee’s Comikaze is a great place for Cosplay, independent artist, and unique merchandise, it proved to be a valuable source for upcoming project information on Zodiac, Stan Lee’s joint venture book series with POW Entertainment and Disney Publishing World Wide. Stan Lee was quoted as saying, “This book will become a motion picture, it will become a TV series, it will become almost as big as Marvel” which is a fairly tall order when compared to the behemoth that is Marvel.

When interviewed, Gill Champion, President of POW Entertainment pointed out, “Always, with Stan Lee’s franchises, the potential is there, but you have to build the foundation, and the foundation comes from the book, and hopefully a series of books. “ So it does not look like they have the green light for the silver screen just yet, but they will defiantly be pushing in that direction. It was also interesting to note that Champion commented on the growing status of China as an entertainment community, and the importance of getting the word out to the international community for this project in the future.

[via Ship2Block20]