Can you handle a four hour “nightmare comedy” from Ari Aster?


While Ari Aster exploded onto the horror scene in 2018 with Hereditary and quickly followed it up in 2019 with Midsommar, the director hasn’t been as universally prasied as his other horror contemporaries. Over the past few years, Jordan Peele, Robert Eggers, and Ari Aster have released critically acclaimed horror movies, though Aster’s output has always come across as an acquired taste. In my opinion, his films have a certain artistic flair to them that can lead to his films being a chore to sit through. I mean, his last film was a nearly three hour escapade into a cult saturated with flowers, anthropology, and LOTS of sex. His movies are wonderful, but they can be a tad overindulgent. 

It looks like the train isn’t going to be stopping any time soon as Aster recently opened up about his next movie. While he hasn’t given us a title or a premise surrounding it, he did confirm that it would be a four hour “nightmare comedy.” He just completed a draft for the script and if it stays at its four hour length, it’ll make Avengers: Endgame, It: Chapter Two, and The Irishman look like short films. You better believe that once it releases, we’re going to go back to the debates on “how long is too long,” but frankly at this point I’ll be happy to sit in a theater for four hours. 

Ari Aster’s Next Movie Will Be A Four-Hour ‘Nightmare-Comedy’ – [Indiewire]

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