Captain America 2 coming in 2014


What’s this you say? Captain America is getting a SEQUEL? Who ever could have predicted these events?! I am simply floored by this announcement, Disney/Marvel/EA/whatever-the-hell-you-are-these-days. Yeah, and apparently it’s coming April 4th, 2014. Wow! I’m not sure what holiday this is supposed to highlight. It’s like a month before Cinco de Mayo and 3 days after April Fools Day… so I guess there’s your answer.

In any case, apparently it was some big secret that there were supposedly two “unknown” Marvel movies coming in 2014. See, here’s the list as it stands now:

  • May 4th 2012 – The Avengers
  • May 3rd 2013 – Iron Man 3
  • November 15th 2013 – Thor 2
  • April 4th 2014 – Captain America 2
  • May 16th 2014 – Untitled Marvel Movie #2

As you can see, the big players have their own sequels coming in 2013 and 2014. So that just leaves three others; the Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye… well, I certainly don’t care to see a movie about a guy who shoots arrows, nor do I particularly care for ScarJo’s annoyingly enigmatic and personality-less Black Widow character, so I’m betting it’s The Incredible Hulk 2. After all, the Hulk is one of the most mistreated franchises in this series’ history. I think it’s interesting that, once The Avengers opens, we’ll have had three Hulk movies in the past 10 years that had three different actors in the role of Bruce Banner. It only makes sense that they’ll want to make a movie for Mark “low decibels” Ruffalo’s Hulk.

Or they’ll just make The Avengers 2. Either way. Speaking of which, check out the gallery to see a promotional image of Cap in The Avengers as a way of “celebrating” this awesome news.

[Via /Film]