Captain America 2 directed by the Russo brothers


Beating out a shortlist containing themselves and George Nofli, Anthony and Joe Russo have been confirmed to direct the post-Avengers sequel to Captain America. The Russo brothers, as they’re known, last directed 2006’s You, Me and Dupree, an Owen Wilson-led romantic comedy whose poster, with its bleeding white background and sans serif font, would struggle to be picked out of a lineup, unless someone took offense to its rejection of the Oxford comma.

Before Dupree, the duo wrote and directed box office bomb Welcome to Collinwood, but are now mostly known for their sitcom work. They’re executive producers on Happy Endings and individually directed fourteen episodes of Arrested Development (or, most of them), including its pilot. Most recently and relevantly, they’ve been executive producers on Community, directing thirty of its episodes. If you’re a fan of the show, particularly of the irritatingly outspoken, A.V. Club-commenting variety, Captain America 2 might have just become much more interesting.

The surprisingly good first Captain film (Do people abbreviate his name like that?) was directed by Joe Johnston, who is, if you’re an optimist, too busy rebooting Jurassic Park to work on the sequel, scheduled for an April 2014 release.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]