Captain America: Civil War’s Super Bowl spot wants you to pick a side


It’s really hard looking at Captain America: Civil War and reminding myself that it’s not just another Avengers movie. Dropping all of the friend stuff from the first trailer, this Super Bowl spot definitely wants you to choose both a side and a hashtag. Clearly, Captain America has the right side because it’s his movie. 

You can argue back and forth all day about Iron Man possibly being right. But with the little info we’ve got to go on, I’m sure they fight because he’s a big dumb jerk. But seriously, this is most likely going to be great. The Captain America films have been Marvel’s best, so I’m hoping this follows that pattern. New footage, new cool stuff, and a better look at Black Panther. It’s all here, folks. 

Captain America: Civil War opens May 6th. 

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War - Big Game Spot