Captain America clip and Harrison Ford getting punched


The clip above is an extended look at the scene in the Captain America: The First Avenger trailer where Steve Rogers (Chris Evans, but with Paul Warren as the skinny stand-in) dives on a grenade in his pre-Avenger days as a pipsqueak. The more I see of Tommy Lee Jones in the movie, the more I’m reminded of his trainer and mentor role in the first Men in Black film. This clip doesn’t contain any big spoilers, but if you’re craving as much Captain America media as possible, then it should help tide you over until its U.S. release in one week.

While the above clip might not offer too many details, the second course meal is after the jump. Not only do we get a quick silhouette of what the aliens in Cowboys & Aliens look like, but we also get to see Harrison Ford punched in the face. If you make a .gif of it and watch it a hundred times it almost makes up for Indiana Jones 4. Almost.

[Via MTV and via Yahoo Movies]

Here is the clip from Cowboys & Aliens. Does anyone else get the feeling that either the dialogue will be bad, or Harrison Ford’s acting will be bad, or both?