Captain America coming to Blu-ray in May


Quick, what’s better than a terrible movie? More of a terrible movie! In a move that’s not remotely related to the impending release of Captain America: The First Avenger (I mean, why would you even think that?), Albert Pyun is preparing a director’s cut of his hilariously terrible Captain America from 1990. The cut, to be released on Blu-ray in May just before that other Captain America, features an extra twenty-seven minutes of footage culled together from the director’s work print and a “temp mix [that] I did before I left [the] picture,” which will make the film, “more character-oriented and less ‘super-hero action.’”

This is one of those movies that’s impossible to actually buy, other than VHS rips at conventions or eBay, so I’m excited for this. It’s supposed to be so awful. The Red Skull is Italian, and he looks like someone spilled yogurt on his face. Captain America is played by J.D. Salinger’s son. For God’s sake, it has Ronny “Dick Jones” Cox and Ned Beatty. If you need more than that in a terrible, terrible movie, you have crazy high standards.

[Via /Film]