Captain America gets sneaky when it comes to Russia


Rabid Russian fans of Captain America – are there any? – might have a little difficulty finding Marvel’s upcoming film based on the comic, at least if they’re looking for their hero’s name. Chalk it up to lingering Cold War resentment, but Dark Horizons reports that Captain America: The First Avenger will have its title shortened to The First Avenger when it releases in Russia later this year. The title change will also be present in Ukraine and South Korea.

Marvel made the decision itself supposedly because of issues with “brand management and consumer awareness,” rather than any cultural or political friction. I believe them; I’m sure they don’t want consumers to be aware that the film is based on a brand rooted in the spirit of American patriotism.

That may sound cynical, but considering the way the world viewed America during the Bush administration and even to some degree after it, it’s not a bad idea to downplay some of the more Americanist elements in just the title, especially considering that many people are not aware of the nuance found in what Captain America stands for. On the surface, it does look like run-of-the-mill patriotism.

Personally, I join Marvel in being surprised that they’re not changing the title for more countries, but apparently the brand is strong enough to keep everywhere else. Do you think moviegoers in the three affected countries will be fooled?

[via Dark Horizons]