Captain America: The Winter Soldier full of SHIELD cameos


With Halloween just a few hours away, juicy news of films about men dressing up in costumes seems very fitting, no? Yesterday, we found out that Frank Grillo (End of Watch) will be co-starring with Chris Evans in 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Of course, no Marvel film would be complete without universe-intertwining cameos.

First Showing confirms Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) will be featured in the Captain America sequel. Given the fact that Captain America is the Avenger most-associated with SHIELD, it makes sense that three of the most prominent SHIELD agents would make appearances in the film. There’s no idea as to how big their roles would be, but I expect the three of them to get some substantial screen time. Nobody’s going to complain about an excess of Johansson in leather, right?

[via First Showing]