Captain America to stay American…mostly

Captain America FUCK YEAH Trailer #2 PARODY

Man, I wish I’d posted this yesterday. It would have been a lot more American of me, given that I spent my Independence Day watching Attack the Block and Doctor Who. Might as well serve me a cup of tea and a chip butty, because I’m evidently going Redcoat. Anyway, my otherwise unwavering sense of American superiority was reaffirmed when it was announced that Captain America: The First Avenger would be keeping its full title in most of the world. You may remember Bob mentioning that the film was shipping as The First Avenger in Russia, that former hotbed of commie evil. Now, the film will be billed as such only in Russia, Ukraine, and South Korea. Clearly, this is because those three countries are the worst three countries. Refusing American superiority. Honestly!

In all seriousness, though, the film is about an American in World War II that turns into a stars and stripes-bedecked hero named Captain America. The only way he could get any American-er is if instead of a shield, he threw Big Macs, apple pie, and adolescent obesity. Is dropping the Captain America from the title really going to put extra butts in seats?

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