Captain Underpants Voice Cast Revealed


Like my pal/immediate superior Alec, I too was a fan of the Captain Underpants comics in my youth. I also didn’t know Universal was doing a Captain Underpants movie, which is both a pleasant surprise and a recipe for disaster!

Although the creative team is pretty well-established, it’s hard to imagine a comic series this immature resulting in a good movie. Hopefully the voice cast, announced today by The Wrap, will liven things up.

Thomas Middleditch and Kevin Hart will be playing main characters Harold and George, Ed Helms will voice the titular character, Nick Kroll is set to play antagonist Professor Poopypants, and Jordan Peele will be classmate/future villain Melvin Sneedly. Even if you’re not excited for the movie, that’s a pretty damn good lineup.

Personally, I would’ve gone with Matt Damon for George, but this is otherwise a stellar line-up. Will we see the transformation of Sneedly into the Bionic Booger Boy, or is that just a sequel hook? Can’t wait to find out!

[Via: The Wrap]