Carrie Fisher will NOT appear in Star Wars IX says Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy


Last Monday we reported that Carrie Fisher will appear in Star Wars Episode IX without the use of CGI doubles. Todd Fisher, Carrie Fisher’s brother, mentioned this during a TCM event. As it turns out, Todd Fisher seems to have misunderstood something or misheard/misread communication from Lucasfilm.

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy said in an interview with Good Morning America that Carrie Fisher will NOT appear in Star Wars Episode IX. You can watch the clip below:

Back in January, Kennedy and Colin Trevorrow met to discuss plans for Episode IX after Fisher passed away. General Leia was said to have a larger role in Episode IX prior to Fisher’s passing. This is no longer the case, apparently.

If The Last Jedi is Fisher’s final appearance in the Star Wars saga, I wonder if part of The Last Jedi is being reworked to give her (and Leia) a proper onscreen sendoff. And to that, I wonder if two years from now we’ll hear about the original plans for Episode IX.

[via /Film]

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