Cars 2 gets a new trailer, hope for the film dwindling


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Folks, I think this is it. I think Pixar is finally, finally going to make a bad movie. I mean, it had to happen some time, right? You can’t just keep on putting out movies so good that even your worst efforts are better than the majority of best efforts out there, especially when you’re working with the sequel loving Disney. Judging from the above trailer, Cars 2, the sequel to one of Pixar’s lesser-but-still-good films, is the movie that that will bring the streak to an end.

This just reeks of cash whoring, sequel creation. International spies? Jokes so old that you wonder if the film should be in black and white? A story that seems to ditch the nostalgia for the road that the original had in favor of bright lights and car chases? I have to say that things don’t look so good for Cars 2.

I’ll put my optimistic hat on for a second, however, and admit that I had the same apprehension about Toy Story 2, and we all saw how amazingly well that turned out. Still, Cars was never Toy Story by any stretch of the imagination and I just don’t see this pulling of the same surprise that TS3 did.

Matthew Razak
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