Cast expands for Monster Butler biopic


Gary Oldman and Dominic Monaghan are now attached to Malcolm McDowell’s passion project Monster Butler. Directed by Doug Rath and produced by Dark House Films, Butler is a true story about bisexual jewel thief and serial killer Archibald Hall, to be played by McDowell.

Oldman will play Hall’s partner in crime, Wiggy, a rage-prone taxidermist, and Monaghan will portray scorned lover David Wright. It’s unclear in which periods 68-year-old McDowell will appear as Hall, as the story will likely stretch from the killer’s criminal origins in the 1940s to his death in 2002, at which time he was, at 78, the oldest man to be serving a life sentence in Great Britain.

Production starts in one week in Scotland. Also known by his alias Roy Fontaine, Hall’s story is indeed an interesting one, and it is right that his biopic be rich with beloved UK character actors.

[via Hollywood Reporter]