Casting news for horror western Bone Tomahawk


A move called Bone Tomahawk that is a brutally violent horror western featuring “cannibalistic troglodytes” has already got my attention, but tossing in a good cast never hurts. Variety has revealed that Kurt Russell, Peter Sarsgaard, Richard Jenkins and Jennifer Carpenter will all be starring in the upcoming film from first time director S. Craig Zahler.

Russell will play the sheriff with Sarsgaard taking on the role of a cowboy and Jenkins playing a befuddled old man (aka, guy who will die in an emotional scene). Carpenter will be one of the people captured by the cannibalistic troglodytes because that’s what women do in horror movies where they aren’t the lead. The trio will team up with an uncast gunslinger to fight off the evil cannibals.

Zahler, a screenwriter previous to this, also wrote the screenplay which means he could do a good job with the movie… except not really. It’s hard to know what to expect from a first time director, especially with a genre as easy to screw up as horror. Still, cowboys shooting cannibals sounds pretty awesome. 

Matthew Razak
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