Casting rumors for Park Chan-Wook’s upcoming vampire film


Park Chan-Wook, the Korean director of the Vengeance Trilogy (of which most people have only seen Oldboy, but I highly reccomend all three), has taken on his first English language film… a vampire film. A while ago we brought you a rumor that Colin Firth would be playing said vampire, but it seems like that may not be true. More recent rumors point to the casting of Matthew Goode, who is probably best known for his portrayal as Ozymandias from the Watchmen adaptation.A step down from Collin Firth and others who could have been cast? Perhaps, but the script was put on Hollywood’s Black List and Park Chan-Wook is an incredible director, so I’m sure it will be great no matter what. Definitely put this on your radar if it isn’t already. It’s going to be awesome.

[Via /Film]