Cats’ film adaptation will get a new song by Taylor Swift and Andrew Lloyd Webber

CATS - "Beautiful Ghosts" Featurette

For some ungodly reason, the upcoming film adaptation of Cats will feature a new song penned by pop star Taylor Swift and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. The number, titled “Beautiful Ghosts,” will be performed by the film’s lead (Francesca Hayward) during the film. Swift will have a rendition played over the ending credits that will likely become the movie’s lead single.

Webber, who composed all of the music for the Broadway play, decided to write a new song for the film after seeing character Victoria’s expanded role. “When I first read the screenplay,” Webber recalls, “the first thing I said was, ‘We have to have a song for Victoria.” In his own words, “Beautiful Ghosts” will be “an incredibly important and central part of the whole film.”

I’m mostly just surprised that these two giants of music are working together. Andrew Lloyd Webber has kind of become a running joke in musical theater and Taylor Swift’s recent output has progressively gotten worse. I can’t imagine what this song will end up like, especially since both seem to be past their prime with regards to writing new material. I guess it can’t be as bad as the CG in the film, at least.

Cats‘ Featurette: Andrew Lloyd Webber & Taylor Swift Pen New Song For Universal Movie [Deadline]

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