Cats will be receiving VFX updates while in theaters


In a completely unprecedented move, Universal Pictures has announced it will be updating the recently released Cats with new visual effects during its theatrical run. In what The Hollywood Reporter is saying is a move that “is being done at Hooper’s request,” a new version of the movie will be given to theaters that tweaks and improves the CGI the film has. Maybe that will prevent it from being the latest horror trend of the season?

Director Tom Hooper has been very open about how Cats was barely finished in time for its Monday premiere last week. According to unnamed sources, Hooper would have liked more time to finish certain visual elements, but had to meet a specific deadline for release. The extra polish won’t be adding any additional scenes to the film, but merely prettying it up over what critics and fans have seen this weekend.

As for when you can expect to view the “updated” version, certain high-end theaters may already be playing it. Universal will be providing the new print via satellite download for theaters that run digital projectors. For those without modern advancements (i.e. that still use reel-to-reel players), they should be getting the film on Tuesday. That’s just in time to ruin Christmas!

If Flixist’s own review is anything to go by, better visual effects won’t prevent the movie from being a dumpster fire. After opening to a measly $2.6 million on Friday and getting trashed across the internet, it seems like nothing can save this film apart from a total redo.

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