CBS Star Trek gets name and ship


CBS has been keeping their new Star Trek TV series under tight wraps, but at SDCC this past weekend during the Star Trek 50th anniversary panel they finally gave us some new news. First the name of the show will be Star Trek: Discovery and second:

That there is the USS DISCOVERY – NCC-1031, and if you you might think it’s kind of ugly compared to most other Star Trek ships, but it’s actually kind of beautiful. It’s based off of the original design for the Enterprise and for Trek nerds its a sign that this show could be something special. It’s still not clear what time period the show will take place in, though we do know that it is in the “prime” universe and not the rebooted film one. We have to assume that it takes place before TOS and after Enterprise, but with the old school look of the ship who knows.


Matthew Razak
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