Celebrate X-Men Day with a slew of videos and posters


I bet you woke up today thinking gosh-darn, it’s Monday isn’t it? Wrong! How could you be so wrong! It’s not Monday, it’s X-Men Day! That’s right, 20th Century Fox have deemed today a holiday on which we celebrate all things mutant, and really just take a moment to thank the world for Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. We have “holidays” for bakery items and other stuff–why not Marvel’s second-favorite team?

Dark Phoenix | The X-Men Legacy | 20th Century FOX

Dark Phoenix | Marvel Icons: Chris Claremont & Louise Simonson | 20th Century FOX

Dark Phoenix | A Phoenix Will Rise | 20th Century FOX

Not just in name, Fox has released the above featurettes, showing some minor reflection from cast members and comic creators, and a glimpse at what the future holds with the upcoming Dark Phoenix. It’s always great to see source material credited, so the feature with Claremont and Simonson is appreciated. 

For the day Fox has also released several new character posters for Dark Phoenix, some of which are pretty sweet. The X-Men franchise seems to have a good sense for brightly-colored promo material, let me tell you. I won’t overload you with those here, but take a peek at the gallery.

In other X-news New Mutants, the spin-off that has been plagued by reshoots and delays has once again been pushed back, this time all the way to 2020! Dark Phoenix is much closer, arriving June 7th.