Channing Tatum doesn’t know what Jupiter Ascending was either


Anyone who saw Jupiter Ascending probably had the question, “What the actual f**k?” run through their minds at some point. Evidently Channing Tatum had that exact same thought while making it. 

During a Reddit AMA the actor was asked just what Jupiter Ascending was (thank you sarcastic Redditor) to which he responded, “Great question. I have the same one to myself.”

Kind of a brutally honest (slightly typoed) response that you wouldn’t expect from an actor. Then again with absolutely no chance of a sequel he’s probably not burning any bridges here. The film was a mess and everyone involved clearly knew it or it wouldn’t have been delayed for months and months. Check out the full AMA as Tatum pretty much rocks it in support of an Omaze contest for Magic Mike XXL.

Matthew Razak
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