Charlie Kaufman’s Frank or Francis covers film blogging


The writer of the film that changed me, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and the director of the polarizing Synecdoche, New York is set to take on the world of film blogging. Charlie Kaufman, who really shouldn’t need more of an introduction, is set to direct his second film, Frank or Francis. which is rumored to star Nicolas Cage (ack!), Jack Black (meh!), and Steve Carrell (ooh!).

According to an interview with Time Out London, the film will be about online film criticism. Obviously, this opens up a metaphysical realm of filmmaking where Kaufman’s focusing on a story concerning film criticism within a film that will definitely face a lot of film criticism and analysis upon its release. This very basic summary of the film evokes memories of Synecdoche, New York, which was about a playwright turning his own life into a play, thusly making himself a direct character alongside the character meant to play him. Literary circles!

indieWire has details on the script if you don’t mind having it spoiled (or want to learn more about Kaufman’s intentions with the film). It should be noted that Frank or Francis is not the previously announced collaboration with Spike Jonze, which means the next year or so will be keeping Kaufman busy and his fans salivating for more details.

[via indieWire, via Time Out London]