Charlie Sheen finally goes Estevez for Machete Kills


Until the elusive first trailer for Machete Kills pops up online officially, we’ll have to survive with juicy tidbits. Like the rest of Robert Rodriguez’s madcap casting, Charlie Sheen was cast as the President of the United States for the sequel. But the odd thing is, he’s briefly ditching his stage name for the role. Probably in an attempt to fully embrace the Mexploitative nature of the Machete films (and in all of Rodriguez’s work). 

You see Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estevez changed his named to Martin Sheen to get jobs, and his son Carlos Estevez changed his to Charlie Sheen to follow suit. And poor Emilio Estevez just slowly disappeared into the ether (but can still recognized from time to time). While I refuse to believe that Emilio faded due to his name, it’s probably one of the contributing factors. So while this Carlos Estevez stint will be brief, it has certainly earned a bit of respect from me. The wait until Machete KillsSeptember release seems longer now. 

[via TMZ]