Charlie Sheen quotes as your desktop wallpaper


Charlie Sheen’s recent mind-boggling descent into lunacy and subsequent rise into the pop culture spotlight has been the talk of the Internet lately. Art and design blog The Fox is Black put in their two cents when they jokingly asked illustrators/typographers, Richard Perez, Dan Cassaro and Erik Marinovich to design a typography for “tiger blood”, which is one of Sheen’s many quotes. They ended up creating a whole desktop wallpaper around the idea.

Now, Charlie Sheen isn’t really even in movies anymore, but this wallpaper was just too cool and hilarious to pass up.  The color scheme is perfect, it’s simple and refined but also relating to TIGERS. It’s also awesome because it’s like they just bottled up all of Sheen’s craziness and packaged it so that everyone can try a sip. Also, the typography on the bottles is of course, phenomenal. It reminds me of something that would be on a sideshow or a circus sign. How fitting. Making references to many of Sheen’s ramblings, the wallpaper is available in many different sizes — including three different iPhone varieties and an iPad version — at The Fox Is Black. Now we can all keep a little bit of the crazy with us.

[via TheFoxIsBlack]