Charlize Theron curses in Young Adult red band TV spot


Jason Reitman’s new film, Young Adult, stars Charlize Theron in one of her most outrageous roles yet. I’ve enjoyed all of Jason Reitman’s films thus far (Juno, Thank You For Smoking, Up In The Air), so I’m sure this film will be no different. If you’ve ever seen Bad Santa, then you’ll know pretty much what to expect from this film. Charlize Theron is Mavis, a novelist who returns to her childhood home after her divorce and decides to try and win back her high school sweetheart, despite the fact that he’s already married. Costarring with Theron is Patton Oswalt (!) and Patrick Wilson.

In this red band TV spot, Charlize Theron encounters one of many movie cliches where someone spills something on her shirt. Anyone else would take the gracious route and act surprised, yet at the same time distressed that their clothing is sullied. Not only does she curse out the offender, but she mocks and teases her about it afterward. Just from this one clip, I could clearly see that this character is multidimensional. I can’t wait to see more.

It seems like something of a comedic spin on her role in Monster, except a hot version of that. This is, in fact, the most attracted I’ve ever been to Charlize Theron… which is ironic seeing as she looks like a mess in this film. I guess that’s my type. That coupled with the hilarious Patton Oswalt is looking to be just the melancholy Christmas present I need this year. Young Adult comes out in theaters December 16th. Be there or be something.

[Via CinemaBlend]