Check out Iron Man’s new armor for Iron Man 3


The Marvel booth at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con gave us a preview of Tony Stark’s new duds in the upcoming Iron Man 3. The armor is pretty much the same general shape as the older design, but the yellow accents have spread like a cancer across the rest of his body. Seriously, look at that. It’s everywhere. The yellow looked really nice as an accent, but now there’s so much of it that it’s become the primary color. Iron Man now looks like a bumble bee with a rash.

Worse is that it’s on the stomach of the armor, so I’ll be spending the whole movie waiting for someone to call Iron Man “yellow-bellied.” It will probably happen during that point in the movie where morale is down and the villain is mocking the protagonist as he falls into a deeper depression. Then Iron Man will find the wherewithal to break free and save the day, possibly with a “Who’s yellow-bellied now?” punchline. I don’t know exactly how that one would work. Maybe he’ll jaundice the villain to death.

[Via Newsarama]