Check out new photos from Star Trek Into Darkness


So besides having been a trailer and a Super Bowl spot, they have released some more production photos from Star Trek Into Darkness. There is a behind-the-scenes photo, Spock and Kirk (Quinto and Pine) staring intensely off screen, and Benedict Cumberbatch surrounded by red shirts which hopefully leads to something awesome in the film. Maybe he kicks the crap out of them without breaking a sweat? Check out the gallery below for the photos courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

While it really isn’t anything new per se, it’s at least sparking my imagination. I’d like to see some more behind-the-scenes photos of them working on set personally. Thankfully none of the images have spoiled anything (as far as we know) regarding Benedict Cumerbatch’s character. I want that to be a complete surprise to me.

[via First Showing]