Check out Oz the Great and Powerful’s opening credits

Oz The Great and Powerful - Opening Title Sequence

While Matt had to use a tiebreaker to decide whether or not he liked Oz the Great and Powerful, I liked it for what it was. James Franco was a little out of place, Zach Braff is a terrible monkey, and some of the animation was off-putting, but it was a nice package overall (the animation on the China Girl was absolutely gorgeous). I think Oz‘s opening credits put me in the right mood for the film. It set it up as a fantastical play that allowed me to forgive a lot of its flaws (the ending credits also feature a curtain closing to emphasize this). 

In case you wanted to see what I was talking about (along with a taste of the film’s early on 4:3 aspect ratio) check out a video of the opening credits above (or, you could see the movie I guess). You’ll be pleasantly surprised.  

[via Disney]