Check out the first pics from Conan the Reboot


Next month’s Empire Magazine will feature the upcoming Conan the Barbarian reboot releasing this August, and the awesomely-titled Conan the Movie Blog has the still that will be featured. We’ve seen bits of Jason Momoa as the titular barbarian before, and there’s a couple extra to be seen here, but the main draw here is the first look at Stephen Lang’s antagonist Khalar Zym. Man, Conan characters have kickass names. I’m more intrigued by the big dude also in the shot with Stephen Lang, referred to in the article as a “Cyclopean Jailor,” who evidently features heavily into the first part of the film. He looks cool.

So check out all the pics in the gallery along with a “motion poster” released over the weekend that’s akin to that cool poster from Terminator Salvation where the burning city of Los Angeles turned into the Terminator skull.

[Via Conan The Movie Blog, Via Movieweb]